Showjumping Results March 2015

Saturday and Sunday 21 & 22 March 2015

Yet again the weather gods shone on the NCEC organisers with some great weather
over the show jump training & competition weekend. Riders & horses of all abilities and ages were catered for over the two days, with two rings running on both days. 

A big standout was the freshly painted NCEC jumping poles; they looked fabulous thanks to the handy work Shannon Hardy & Steph Gardiner.  Well done girls. Thank you also to Coffs Harbour Pony Club for allowing us the use of their equipment to run two rings. 

Instructors, Louise & Katja both provided a well thought out and gymnastic training
session for horses on Saturday, which prepared riders well for the competition on

Classes started at 35cm and we had riders right up to an impressive 1.20m. Many riders took advantage of both days and also the opportunity to get young horses out to see a course. Sunday’s competition also saw a big turnout, with two courses designed by the wonderful Athol. There were enough questions in the courses to keep both riders & horses on their toes yet they provided a fun experience.

The 35cm class saw some great riding all round, with Beau Jefferies and Marcus Skykes proving to be very capable young riders. Both Katja and Marney looked very proud of their boys. Louise Light & Alison Ostenfeld showed us how its done in the  higher classes, and both looked more than impressive, giving us all something to aspire to. But it wasn’t all about the big guns.......

Class 35cm A2
1    Isobelle Muller    Dynamite
2    Beau Jefferies    Elmo
3    Marcus Sykes    Rambo
4    Jessica Sykes    Rambo
5    Olivia Begley    Lucky
6    Olivia Sykes    Bubbles

Class 35cm A7
1    Isabella Muller    Dynamite
2    Yarra Pippin    Sassy
3    Beau Jefferies    Elmo
4    Olivia Begley    Lucky
5    Claire Badke    Mel
6     Christine Campbell    Le Beau

Class 45cm A2
1    Alicia August    Chief
2    Angela Muller    Starr
3    Gracie McLachlin    Lachlan
4    Mimi Schaefer    Rain
5    Cailtlan O'Connor    Cookie
6    Isobelle Muller    Dynamite

Class 45cm A7
1    Gracie McLachlin    Lachlan
2    Alicia August    Chief
3    Angela Muller    Dynamite
4    Caitlan O'Connor    Cookie
5    Jemma Whelan    Missy
6    Ingrid Whelan    Whinny

Class 60cm A2
1    Gracie McLachlin    Lachlan
2    Charlotte Wilkins    Dialblo
3    Angel Cohan    Monty
4    Angela Muller    Starr
5    Clifton Davis    Horse
6    Bonney Emmett    Tyson

Class 60cm A7
1    Angela Muller    Starr
2    Angel Cohan    Monty
3    Bonney Emmett    Tyson
4    Jackalyn Pitman    Will
5    Alicia August    Chief
6    Gracie McLachlin    Lachlan

Class 70cm A2
1    Jackalyn Pitman    Will
2    Charlotte Wilkins    Dialblo
3    Angel Cohan    Monty
4    Bonney Emmett    Tyson

Class 70cm A7
1    Bonney Emmett    Tyson
2    Mia Parkes    Sayo
3    Shannon Marsh    Bart
4    Jackalyn Pitman    Will
5    Clifton Davis    Chaos
6    Sarah Flowers    Dollar

Class 80cm A2
1    Sally Taylor    Gerry
2    Sally Bird    Kingy
3    Anne Webster    Rain

Class 80cm A7
1    Mia Parkes    Sayo
2    Ingrid Whelan    Zeppy
3    Kate Williams    Maxibomb
4    Anne Webster    Rain

Class 90cm A2
1    Clifton Davis    Let Me Think
2    Laetitia McLachlan    Spider
3    Sally Taylor    Gerry

Class 90cm A7
1    Ingrid Whelan    Zeppy
2    Louise Light    Pantha
3    Taylor Murray    Stanley
4    Sharon Corbett    Possum
5    Clifton Davis    Let Me Think
6    Mia Parkes    Sayo

Class 1m A2
1    Alison Ostenfield    Atom
2    Alyce Luttringer    Paddy
3    Sally Taylor    Gerry
4    Alison Ostenfield    Will
5    Laetitia McLachlan    Spider
6    Louise Light    Donald

Class 1m A7
1    Alison Ostenfield    Will
2    Louise Light    Pantha
3    Louise Light    Donald
4    Sharon Corbett    May
5    Alyce Luttringer    Paddy
6    Sharon Corbett    Possum

Class 1.10m A7
1    Alison Ostenfield    Will
2    Louise Light    Lili
3    Sharon Corbett    May
4    Sharon Corbett    Possum
5    Alison Ostenfield    Atom

Class 1.20m A7
1    Alison Ostenfield    Atom
2    Alison Ostenfield    Will
3    Louise Light    Bandit
4    Louise Light    Lili

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