NCEC Members,

Make sure your horse is protected from the deadly Hendra virus.

Pacific Vetcare Coffs Harbour have offered to hold 2 local group vaccination days for members and friends at the discounted price of $110 per booster (per horse) plus $40 for the compulsory microchipping. If your horse is already microchipped, this will not be required. This price is if we manage to have 10 or more horses attend for vaccination. There will be no veterinary travel costs. The days will be held at the Nana Glen Equestrian Grounds on Morrows Road.

Your horse MUST have the second booster exactly 21 days later. If you do not follow through with this, the first one will be rendered useless.

If you are interested in attending the vaccination days, please contact the Pacific Vetcare Coffs Harbour clinic and register your interest. Ph 6652 3455 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Dates will be advised in the near future.

Why should you vaccinate against Hendra?

Hendra is a deadly disease that can kill horses and humans. Hendra Virus (HeV) disease has only ever been reported in Australia. It was first detected in Queensland in 1994, but more recently it has been reported in NSW and west of the Great Dividing range.

There have been approximately 70 horse deaths, due to the Hendra virus, 4 people have died and 7 other people have contracted the virus.

It is thought the virus is transmitted from fruit bat to horse via feed contaminated with fruit bat urine, faeces or body fluids. The Hendra virus can be spread from horse to horse and horse to human through close contact with respiratory secretions and/or blood from an infected horse.

The vaccine works by neutralising antibodies in the glycoprotein G, which means that if a horse is exposed to Hendra virus the viral shedding is eliminated and replication in the tissues is prevented. The fact that the vaccine is generated from the glycoprotein G and not from inactivated virus is a great advantage as it also means that it is a very safe.

The Australian Veterinary Association has recommended all horses be vaccinated, with a national vaccination register to be established. The vaccine, a course of two injections, does not cause any side effects.


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